Ride On

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Who am I?

I am your connection to creative resolutions to non-traditional investment opportunities in real estate in a time and place maligned with the inventory for the majority of folx looking to invest in the place you live, work, love, and shred!

I am a lover of bicycles, forests, and wild and bald peaks high above the ocean. I was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, grew into my best self in Portland, Oregon, where I spent 11 years before landing in Bellingham, Washington to slow down and dive into nature with my husband, David, and doggo, Fish. 

I am a believer that we have the tools to be stewards of the land and planet through creative real estate investment and development that is thoughtful and prioritizes health of all beings, sustainability, and affordability.

Why work with me?

My passion is advocacy. 

The combination of a career as a social services provider as well as a licensed real estate agent have honed my skills in negotiation, communication, and an eye for the possible. 

I have chosen to approach real estate as it aligns with my values of service to my community and the earth. Climate change is real. Loneliness is an epidemic. I believe that that we need each other more than ever and that our living situations can change our course to a brighter, more connected, future!

How I get it done

My top strengths are resolution and adaptability.


I thrive on "fix it" scenarios that challenge me to be creative, solve problems, and find the best possible outcome. As a human, partner, community member, and business owner, adaptation allows me to grow and serve as my best self. Each real estate transaction requires a great deal of resolution and adaptability, and I look forward to bringing both to work for you!